UHD Medical video, audio and AI capbility


by Christina Hooley

October 19, 2021

Design Considerations for the Modern Operating Theatre: Supporting the implementation of UHD Medical Video, Audio and AI capability.

We are designing infrastructure to support the latest developments in medical video systems, remote connectivity, audio-video streaming, and AI systems deployment.

We will discuss designing or upgrading an existing Hospital Operating Theatre to accommodate the latest transmission standards for medical devices. We will provide an overview of video systems, the current standards and the provision of connectivity within the OR and beyond. We explain the recent changes to the colour space standards, increased resolution and increased bandwidth requirements. To close, we will present an overview of AI and AR technologies, understand the definition of AI and AR, and look at some practical examples where the technology is currently deployed.

In the presentation, we will discuss the generally accepted standards for connectivity, future proposed standards and the transmission infrastructure required to support the deployment of such diverse systems. This will include the use of Fibre Optic cables, Category cables and Copper cables, their respective benefits and limitations.

We will consider the provision of external connectivity from the OR for Education and Observation purposes, what transmission methods are appropriate and how they can be accommodated within both the base build and the final system specification.

We will review the existing HD standards with Rec.709 colour space and compare this to the UHD standards with Rec.2020 colour space. Presented in a graphical format it will be easy to understand why the field of medical imaging is rapidly adopting the new standards and where this will drive the connectivity specification for camera and display systems.

We will review the practicality of deploying video distribution cables and infrastructure within the main M&E package of works and where the demarcation point to specialist fit out contractor lies. This will cover the provision of service outlets and local connectivity in relation to medical equipment or displays that may be procured outside the main contract or may be existing client devices.

We will look at the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and the application of the technology in the Healthcare setting. From Patient wayfinding to locating veins or showing the position of a previously located tumour in the OR.

We will close with an overview of the integrated Endoscopy Suite at Leeds St James’s Hospital which allows observation of procedures from any of the three Endoscopy Theatres, two way audio, recording and broadcast from any location globally that has connectivity to the Trust network.

Learning outcomes 

  • Operating Theatre Video and Audio Connectivity Design
  • Design Resilience and Future Proofing
  • An overview HD and UHD video systems, their implication on cable infrastructure
  • An overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Healthcare applications
  • An overview of Augmented Reality (AR) and Healthcare applications
  • Practical applications for AI and AR
  • Overview of supporting infrastructure requirements
  • Infrastructure for Streaming and Remote Learning




Richard McAuley is a knowledgeable system design consultant and specification author with over 25 years’ experience in Audio Visual, ICT and Medical Video systems both in the UK and worldwide. His ethos is one of implementing deliverable and efficient solutions. Richard has designed medical AV systems for many leading institutions including:

Newcastle Surgical Training Centre, NSTC.

Keel Anatomy & Surgical Training Centre.

West Midlands Surgical Training Centre.

Smith & Nephew’s Expert Connect Centre.

MTW NHS Trust, Integrated OR Suite.

Leeds St James’s, MDT & Endoscopy Suite.

University of Glasgow, School of Veterinary Medicine.

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