Brandon Medical Develops i2i: Smart Solutions for the Operating Theatres

Medipower iBEPU intelligent battery emergency power for operating lights

by Brandon Medical

April 17, 2019

i2i stands for “isolated to integrated” and has been developed at Brandon Medical’s research and development department in Leeds. It consists of a range of smart, digital solutions designed to support and empower engineers to mitigate major electrical risks. i2i is being embedded in medical and electrical devices to allow for automated testing and data collection, which can be read via either Medicontrol™ Intelligent Theatre Control Panels, BMS or stored in a cloud. Mobile device applications have been designed to allow engineers to have immediate access to readings.

i2i takes further and complements the integration of the operating theatre equipment provided by Medicontrol ™ Intelligent Theatre Control Panels.

The Operating Theatre environment has dramatically changed: Minimally invasive surgery means that more equipment has to be integrated, controlled and managed. It is now the task of health estates managers and engineers to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate these technologies, all the while having to implement HTM 06-01 compliance.

Health estates managers and engineers are facing challenges in integrating the new technologies whilst incorporating new efficiencies (such as flexible use of operating theatres) and new regulatory and compliance requirements, all of which continuously and rapidly change.

Brandon Medical aims to empower engineers by creating a smart operating theatre which uses different types of electronic Internet of things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then use these data to manage assets and resources automatically.

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